Web Idea Creator eBook/Report

Sample from the book

The purpose of this book is to encourage and show how ANYBODY can develop an idea, and use the idea to produce content for an internet web site and with a little effort turn it into an internet business for a very low cost. Then present their ideas to the World Wide Web (www).

There are many people who have ambition and talent who have not had much of a chance to explore or develop their talents because of the circumstances that have prevailed in their lives, possibly due to the lack of opportunities presented to them, or finances have not been available, or other things have had to take priority in their lives.

Well I am one of those people, I had five children at a young age and have absolutely no regrets about that, it was a choice I made at the time but it made life quite difficult at times to make ends meet and provide an adequate life style to my growing family.
I was a tradesman and only earnt a modest income and it was very difficult to make ends meet.

We all worked together and were able to make the best of our situation and had great times, I always had ideas, and heaps of ambition and initiative and was able to get to progress in any position in any company that I worked for, however, I found that my background always tended to hold me back from reaching a higher level in my career.

Not any more, I no longer place myself in the hands of other people who will determine my progress in society; I want to be in charge of my own destiny, hence this e-book and other projects that I have managed to be involved in.

I want to encourage others to also have a go and do something that they have always wanted to do, if you follow this link it will take you to our web site ‘your never to old’ where you will find many encouraging articles for people looking for inspiration to do things in their maturing years, the purpose of this web site is to give people who are interested in doing something for themselves and the encouragement to pursue their ideas, be creative, and have a go at something no mater how old, or young you are, or what ever your circumstances are.

Even if all that a person wants is to surf the internet or maybe have a family site to display photo’s and other memorabilia, or maybe they want to communicate with other individuals or groups, or maybe to use the internet to discover new things and learn, there is a massive amount of information available through the internet and it is possible to discover new and interesting things almost daily through this medium.

Back to developing our ideas so let’s get going;

Turn on the light, get your brain working, think about your experiences and develop your ideas.

Have you ever wanted to become self sufficient maybe developing your own business, or finding some niche market that will allow you to produce a healthy income and at the same time doing something for yourself that you enjoy doing.

I have spent a lot of time investigating and trying other peoples ideas and products with limited success but have realized there is only one person that makes a reasonable income from these products, and that is the originator of the product, and I also realized that there can be no substitute for having your own product.

I have found hundreds of sites and entrepreneurs who are only too happy to assist you to market their products or products under their control, using their sales material which ultimately directs traffic to their business not yours.

This is fine but at the end of the day the only winner is the entrepreneur who owns or controls the product, and in reality there are usually so many links to their own products or sites that traffic is continually redirected away from your site back to the original owner of the product.

There are products offered to anybody who wants to pay for them and market them as their own (PLR,) the big problem here is that if there are many people doing the same thing, marketing the same product as their own they will eventually market to the same or similar audience.

Anybody intending to market on the internet should look at developing their own product in a niche market and marketing to that niche group.

The best products to market through the internet are information products; a good product with a good informative newsletter supported by changing information for their audience to absorb, connect this to secondary products, then is a formula for developing a good business on the internet.

Through an optin form and newsletter you can collect email addresses build a list and develop a relationship with your list, this in effect is a captured audience, and with a loyal and responsive list you should be able to make offers to over and over again, the big proviso is that the offers and information are applicable to the subject that your audience has an interest in.

The web Idea Creator eBook/Report will help you collect your thoughts and develop not just one but many ideas that you can run with and develop into future products.

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