What does the Web Idea Creator do?

Does it create ideas for you?

Well, no, what it does it helps YOU create your OWN IDEAS; ideas that you will be familiar with and able to work with, and become an expert in your field.

Everybody has an internal encyclopedia of their own life experiences inside them,

and it is ever growing in size and information, and as you mature your life experiences and knowledge set you apart from others who may have had similar experiences, but not the same as you, because what you have done and the way in which you have done it, is unique to you.

It is this personal library of information that you can draw on to establish your own ideas for expressing and sharing in the form of books, articles, software, reports, and business models for use on the internet.

Web idea Creator will provide a platform for individuals to explore their ability to develop their information and ideas into business opportunities on the internet, it is really important that you at least start with a subject you know on the internet. It gives you a flying start and save a lot of time in research and discovery if you were to start out on a new subject.

Starting a business on the internet is not as easy as some people try to make out, you need to have some skill associated with the industry to enable you to do stuff, like build a website, add sales pages, videos, pictures and many many other things to make it all work.

Web idea Creator has the expertise and the information and tools to help anybody who wants to have a presence on the internet with the potential to earn a living from their ideas.

Web Idea Creator provides training in all aspects of WordPress and provides this at a LOW cost to HELP people get started. We should charge 10 times the membership fee for the information that is available but we don't because we want everybody to have an equal opportunity to make an income on the internet so it is made affordable to everybody.

We need to cover our costs that is why we charge a small amount for a WIC membership, we cannot guarantee this low price will be available in the long term so act now and join and learn.

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