How to get Your Internet Business Started,

Build That Website, Now!!!

Get Web Hosting.

If you want to have a website, you NEED web hosting. It's simply impossible to have a website without it.
What is web hosting?

Web hosting is what makes your website available on the internet.
In a nutshell, a web host puts your website on a computer (called a web server) which has a dedicated connection to the internet. The web server is designed to "serve" your web pages to visitors when they go to your web address.

Shop around there are a lot of web hosting companies, choose one that suits you and do some research, ask around make sure that they are reliable, they have a good history and have the tools available that you need to set up and run your site.

There are good web hosts, and then there are "not-so-good" web hosts. Make up a short list search google to see if there are any good or negative comments about those that you choose.

There are thousands of hosting companies on the internet, finding one is very easy if you search for internet hosting on Google you will find millions of results and because of the nature of the internet you can get hosting anywhere in the world, however, because of local rules and regulations and possibly currency values, you may want to get hosting from a local company in your demographic.

It would be easier to check out a local hosting company than one operating somewhere else on the planet. Having said that a company I have good experience with is “Blue Host” who will provide a free domain with any new web hosting plan so check them out if you have no other preference.

That's why I want to get you started on the right foot by getting you set up with a reliable web host...
Which web host should you choose?

A web hosting company with the qualifications you should look for are:
• They have the TOOLS necessary to help your business (cPanel) with your website;
• They have the SUPPORT available when you need help;
• They have the RELIABILITY needed to keep your site online;
• They have the PRICE to make it affordable;
Some of the features that I have found to be extra helpful include...;
• Easy cPanel WordPress installation;
• Easy cPanel installation of other scripts;

So if you've been worried about how you're going to set up a website/blog make sure they have cPanel with capabilities to add WordPress through the cPanel, this will be a so-called one-click operation but in reality, has a couple more but is very easy to do.

They should also have very generous resources in terms of storage space and monthly bandwidth usage. Even the smallest plan is more than most people would need for any website.

Which hosting plan should you choose?

To start with pick a small plan it will be plenty to get going for most startups. You can always upgrade if you need to.

All good hosting companies will have adequate tutorials that you can use to help with any issues.

So don't waste any time get started NOW!!!

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