Basics of Screencast Tools Videos

Basics of Screencast Tools Videos

Learn the Basics of Screen Casting For The Internet

This Series has 11 MP4 videos all wrapped in a zip file ready for you to download. This download is 191.5MB

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Get Screencast Videos

Here is a LIST of videos that you will receive in this series.

  • 1. Video Creation Basics 5:31min
  • 2. Jing Introduction 5:58min
  • 3. CamStudio Introduction 11:03min
  • 4. Screencast-O-Matic Introduction 5:52min
  • 5. EzVid Introduction 11:52min
  • 6. Windows Live Movie Maker 8:21min
  • 7. Audacity Introduction 5:46min
  • 8. Handbrake Introduction 4:43min
  • 9. Freemake Introduction 9:03min
  • 10.VLC Introduction 7:00min
  • 11.VLC Features 7:26min