Rate Your Idea - Have You Got The Skills Sets To Make It Work

After you have identified a potential Niche Area Of Interest You Want To Pursue, it is advisable that you test the Viability and your Skills level to identify if the idea is the best fit for you, and find out what area of skills you will need to work on to be able to succeed with this subject.

There are 3 areas that you should be aware of that will influence your ability to successfully follow through with the subject you have chosen.

They are:

  • Knowledge of your subject
  • The interest you have in your subject
  • The degree of difficulty it will be to implement the processes for that idea/subject

If we apply the formula:

Knowledge x Interest x difficulty = a score between 0 - 100 where:

Knowledge: Rate the knowledge level between 0 & 10 using ½ decimal points if necessary, where 10 is excellent and 0 is no real knowledge.

Interest: Rate your interest in the subject it maybe that you have a lot of knowledge in a subject but you do not want to pursue it due to lack of interest. Rate your interest between 0 and 1 for example 0, ∙1, ∙2, ∙3, ∙4 where 0 is no interest and 1 is very interested

The degree of difficulty: This will determine how much you think you will need to learn or what you will need to do to improve your knowledge to develop your internet business. Rate from 1 to 10 where 1 is high and 10 is low

The highest ranking you can get is 100, which is very hard to get, and means you have a very high degree of opportunity in the subject, however remember there are many more steps required to get things up and running in design, sales, marketing, etc.

The WIC opportunity rating is:

  • 0-30 is poor,
  • 30-50 is medium,
  • 50-85 is high,
  • 85-100 is excellent

The Following are Questions to ask to Appraise your subject:

 What is your knowledge of the subject:

  • How well do you know this subject ?                             
  • Would you consider yourself an expert?                      
  • Could you teach others in this subject?         
  • Have you worked with this subject more than 3 years? 
  • Have you researched your subject?
  • Have you researched the opposition?

What is your interest in the subject:

  • Have you ever had or maintained an interest in this subject?      
  • Do you rate this as one of your favorite subjects?    
  • How serious are you in this subject?                                              
  • Are you prepared to learn more?
  • What motivates you to pursue this subject? (it should not be money)

What is the degree of difficulty for you to develop the subject:

  • Have you ever built a website?
  • Are you able to develop a plan?
  • Are you experienced operating an internet business?
  • Have you used WordPress?
  • Have you ever operated a blog?
  • Do you understand SEO?
  • Do you understand autoresponders?
  • Are you able to write articles/blogs?
  • Are you familiar with HTML?
  • Do you have a domain?
  • Do you have web hosting?
  • Do you understand FTP?
  • Are you going to out source this project?

The Idea Rating Score is a guide only to give an indication of the areas that will need attention as the project moves foreward.

If the project is to go foreward then a business plan should be developed to cover areas of budget. sales, marketing.

If the rating score is low then the project probably should not go foreward at that time, at least until weak areas of the rating have been developed further.

Try the WIC "Rate Your Idea" test It's FREE, and see how your ideas stands up, Go Here and good luck