Develop Organizational Habits Early

(It can save you a lot of time and trouble later)
It is important that you are organized from the start of your project(s), what often happens is that as you develop your ideas and project(s) and the  information grows, and the trail to find that information can become quite complex, in fact it can become difficult to find things that you need.

If you have not organized your files in a logical manner you can waste a lot of time searching for information that you need. It is very important that you have your files, records, websites and components of your websites organized in a way that you can find them and get to them easily.

It may not seem a problem at the start but it soon grows and if you have different components in different places on your computer, you will have trouble finding them and this can be time consuming, and if you can’t find something it can be devastating.

Files need to be easily found and with a minimum number of clicks to get to them.

Start your organizational habits at the beginning of your project(s) as it grows you will be able to add sections to your organizational structure and keep control of your files.

Remember your files are THE most important thing in your project(s) if your files are not organized and easily found you will be continually at odds with yourself and become frustrated and productivity will suffer.

In the graphic above click on the thought button and it will open, when finished click on the highest level button and it will go back a step.

In this example I have tried to demonstrate how complex a website can become, you will find at the beginning of your project that only a few files will be required however if you are going to grow your internet business you will eventually need to have all of these files and more to deal with.

Let’s get started, create a folder in your “My Documents” folder and title it “My Websites” or “My Domains” or something that is easy for you to connect with, the wording does not matter so long as it is a word that you will relate to and easily remember, this would be your top level folder.

Inside that folder you can have several other folders. For example, one would be your domain, and inside this folder, you've got several other folders, let’s say one could be called “images”, another could be named themes, another plugin’s, another articles, passwords and so on. So for any particular project/website all of the files associated with that website are gathered together in the one place.

Another great reason for doing this is, what would you do if your site was no longer there, if you had to re-create your site? What would you need? In other words, your site crashes or the web hosting service you've had goes belly-up and folds. What would you need to re-create or reconstruct your site? What would make things easier for you to recreate that?

Yes you can create a backup, and don’t forget you still need to put that somewhere so it needs to go into your back up folder.

In future articles we will cover the backup of your website which can be done automatically with software tools.

The above example is just a guide, use it as a template if nothing else. Every time that you get a new domain, build your organization don’t get complacent be disciplined and make sure that you always follow your structure.

Another example of the benefits of being organized is that when you register a domain name you need to keep the details of the domain where you can easily find them, what about web hosting, when you purchase your web hosting you may find that as time goes on you might have several websites and even different web hosts and each of them will provide login details and passwords every time you set up a website, so it is very important to keep track of these details and that you are organized and able to locate information easily when your require it.

There are ways of keeping your login and password information in a locked separate file this will be a subject of a future post.

These are just guides. Don’t try to make it perfect from the start just make it happen. As they say “Just do it” and always keep it simple.

As you progress through your business endeavors and you get another idea, then add to your organization. The idea is to get you started and hopefully some of these tips will really help you become efficient with your internet journey.