Basics of cPanel Videos

Learn the Basics of cPanel

This Series has 17 MP4 videos all wrapped in a zip file ready for you to download. This download is 175.3MB

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Here is a LIST of videos that you will receive in this series.

  • Video 01 Introduction to cPanel 6.38min
  • Video 02 Create Email Account 4.53min
  • Video 03 Create Email Forwarders 2.37min
  • Video 04 How to Create a Gmail Account 2.41min
  • Video 05 Create Gmail Forwarders 2.26min
  • Video 06 cPanel Logs 5.45min
  • Video 07 Security Panel 10.14min
  • Video 08 Password Protect Folders 3.05min
  • Video 09 Create a MySQL Database 7.34min
  • Video 10 Create WordPress Site 6.53min
  • Video 11 How To Add Themes To WordPress 4.38min
  • Video 12 How To Add Plugins To WordPress 4.36min
  • Video 13 Customize Error Pages 7.22min
  • Video 14 Create a Favicon 5.46min
  • Video 15 Backup and Restore 6.06min
  • Video 16 Create a Redirect 5.32min
  • Video 17 How To Create A Google Alert 3.45min