Don't be afraid to develop your OWN IDEAS!

If you have an idea don't be afraid to explore it, don't let people put you off your idea it is hard to keep on track and develop your idea, there will be plenty of knockers who probably have no idea about what you are thinking and sometimes can be very negative toward it, and potentially putting you off the idea.

Do the research on your idea, it makes good sense to do the due diligence and see if the idea you have is plausible and a good fit for the internet.

Know your subject, the reason that people fail with an internet business is their inability to understand and piece together the working parts of an internet business and the market that they are in, there are so many ways to approach the internet business model that it would take many large books to explain it in detail, (now there's an idea).

To build an internet business there are many things that you must know and need, if you sift through the multitude of material offered it can appear very difficult and also can become very confusing to understand how to build your internet business and decipher what will fit your requirements.

You must be very careful, it is very easy to become distracted from your vision, keep focused and try to develop your own ideas and products.

It seems most advice to people starting on the internet is to find a niche that has a need and provide the thing that satisfies that need in that niche, I really cannot understand that advice, if you do not have the knowledge in a particular niche how can you provide a solution to problems in that niche, how can you answer questions?

This approach may have been acceptable in the early days of the internet but now people are more savvy and expect the person supplying information to be an expert on the subject that they are interested in.

YOU MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE of your subject or access to knowledge through some other facility, your entry into a market you are not familiar with will be very short term and doomed to failure.

Why not be yourself have a go at something you know, most internet marketing advice lives on historical information, for instance: searching for historical keywords that worked for somebody else at some past time is all well and good however it does not necessarily reflect what is happening now.

Historical information is a guide only and may not apply at the time of your venture so you need to be in real time, in the moment so to speak, be a trail blazer, develop, sell and market your own idea and niche.

We are all looking for what will happen in the future what is the next good thing, so you need to work at making it happen, all of the big ideas came from something totally new, look at businesses on the internet and the type of businesses particularly in your field of expertise and interest, and you will find how others have approached the subject and this can give you ideas to pursue.

You will find that in a lot of instances the internet looks at how things happened in the past when in fact it is changing at a massive rate, past experiences may not work today, people are looking for real time up to date solutions.

What is needed today is new stuff, new ideas, new vision, new products, everything in the past started somewhere and was new then, so don't let anything deter you, who on earth would have thought an apple would be a computer, who could have dreamed that a Google could be such a huge successful search engine and so on.

What it all comes down to is you, believe in yourself, your vision and ability to learn and apply your ideas.

In the end it will come down to the look and feel of your product, the marketing of your product and brand, and it does not matter if others are in the market, it comes down to your presentation of the product and your ability to grab your customers attention.

Just remember slowly slowly wins the race, chip away at your subject you may not get instant success however breaking into a market or creating your own product generally takes some time.

Having said that, it is possible to have very quick success, but it is not the norm, recently an entrepreneur release a video making software that was quite different and took the internet marketing world by storm, and made that person a lot of money quickly, this does happen, you need to think through your ideas and just get started.

Never in history has the ability to start up and run a business been so available and affordable to the average person, to set up an equivalent off line business would cost many thousands of dollars and is out of reach for many people, where else could you set up a shop for literally pennies.

I must point out to would be business start ups that although there are many excellent products to help you build your business be aware that the internet is constantly changing, ideas that worked years ago may not work now, software that worked years ago may not work now, information that was available years ago will probably be out of date, and websites that were a reference for information years ago may not exist or will have changed to suit the new circumstances of the internet.

Everything is changing at a rapid rate and unless you keep up to date you can be left behind in the wash, this is why there are never ending opportunities on the internet and nothing should deter you from your objective.

So work on your ideas, be focused and give it a go.

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