Your Data Can Be Kept Safe With

Multiple Storage Options

If I lose my files what will I do?

It would be an absolutely catastrophic experience to store photos, documents, and other important memories on your computer, thinking it will be safe only to have a virus damage your files or a hard drive crash wiping away your precious, irreplaceable data.

The only option is to pay a technician to try and retrieve your lost data from your damaged hard drive. This option is not guaranteed, and can be quite expensive and may be only partially successful.

Today there are NO EXCUSES for anybody to not backup their files, yet it still happens.

With so many options available for making copies and storing data it's amazing how much data is still permanently lost every year. We all know the importance of backing up our computer drive and files, however it is something that is usually of a lower priority in the things that we do until something goes wrong, and unfortunately, it is often too late.

We can store data on flash drives, only to leave them somewhere and forget where they are. Even backing up your data using portable hard drives can have its drawbacks; for instance, I purchased a 1T hard drive and thought that this would be all I needed as backup, unfortunately I accidentally dropped the drive and damaged it badly and lost the data on the drive.

I now double up and have a local portable hard drive and also remotely on a cloud service. The cloud service plays a really important role and has a huge advantage as it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, if you have an internet connection you can back up your drives. So if you forget to take your back up drive with you there is the ability to access your cloud drive anywhere.

The best option is not only to back up your computer's data frequently, but in multiple formats. You can use a flash drive, or a portable hard drive or even upload a copy of your documents to online services like Google Documents, which is absolutely free, but if you want to be versatile you could also use a web service,

Make copies of your hard drive, be sure to back up on a regular basis, and also consider paying the small fee for an online storage service that allows you to keep a virtual copy. Portable Hard Drives, DVD's and CD's are great tools for backing up data, but not if you lose them, or your house has a fire. With so many options available out there, losing data is really avoidable.